Tuesday, July 22, 2008

about HER

Her, adalah makhluk unik. Dibekali dengan perasaan yang lebih sensitif daripada laki-laki. Itulah kenapa her sering meminjam pundak him untuk menumpahkan air matanya (need a shoulder to cry on).

But her adalah sosok tangguh yang melahirkan him. Her menjadi pelengkap tulang rusuk him yang hilang, menjadi penyeimbang dalam hidup him yang bimbang, dan menjadi anugerah him yang kadang malah bikin gerah.

HER is special for HIM.

Deskripsi her antara lain sebagai berikut:

  • erat dengan perasaan

  • shopaholic

  • basa basi (...zzz...)

  • nyeplos tanpa sadar” ihh luucuuuu”

  • pingin selalu jadi pusat perhatian

menurutmu apalagi ya?

1 comment:

him&her said...

Facts about women as far as I realized...

We love shopping,
Wear new clothes, shoes, and accessories, even if we don’t need those things. Please be patient, we need to choose the ‘right’ thing for us, of course the ‘right’ price. Sometimes, we need your opinion (men) just for making sure not for final decision.

We adore ‘presents’ from person that we love and care.
It can be things or just attentions. We need to be secured and cared.

We have period, means if someday we mad about something you think is not very significant to be cared about, it because our hormones. It appears every 28 days for 7-10 days. We try to control ourselves hardly that time, I guess… But occasionally we want to let it out. Sorry guys…

We are not thinking but speaking. We still need your ‘heaven words’. You need times to explain something, we need your explanation right now, from A to Z. Words are important for us. It makes us more comfortable. Speak up, guys!!!

We solve problems with heart not brain. That’s why you think us sensitive.